Our Mission and History

Our Mission

Preventing and diverting food waste in Utah through food rescue, education and consulting.

Our Vision

Waste Less Solutions is committed to making a significant reduction in food waste by educating consumers and food entities on the issue and solutions as well as by offering a food diversion program that engages our community to help rescue edible food and get it to the food insecure in our community.

Our History

Waste Less Solutions is a nonprofit organization started in 2017 by executive director and founder Dana Williamson in Salt Lake City, Utah. Waste Less Solutions started with the goal of taking action to help reduce the amount of food waste in our community, and to date, we have saved over 769,000 meals -- equivalent to providing three meals a day to over 256,000 individuals within Salt Lake County area.

By partnering with fellow technology-based nonprofit Food Rescue US, Waste Less Solutions can divert food waste within our community to those who continually struggle with food insecurity. This is done by getting donors in the food industry, receiving agencies that feed the food insecure, and volunteer rescuers who sign up to deliver the food from the donors to the receiving agencies.

Education serves as another important pillar of our work in Utah communities. Waste Less Solutions educates Utahns about food waste by speaking at various local events, and in interviews and demonstrations with news and media outlets. We continuously seek opportunities to educate the public on the need to reduce food waste at home and in the community at large. 


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