What is Waste Less Certified?

Waste Less Certified is a program launched in 2020 to partner with restaurants to not only help them reduce their food waste but also to help get the message out to restaurant patrons about the problem of food waste.

If you are in the restaurant business you most likely love food - so do we!  We want food to be enjoyed, not end up in landfills.  By becoming Waste Less Certified you have the ability to not only reduce your restaurant's food waste, but you can also educate your customers on their own food waste footprint and positively influence their habits.

Our Waste Less Certified Partners are:

  • Arlo Restaurant
  • Hub and Spoke Diner
  • LUX Catering and Events
  • Yoko Ramen

We encourage consumers to support these restaurants and caterers.  These are businesses that are committed to the health and well-being of our planet and our communities.

Here's How it Works

Demonstrate proficiency in 5 of the 10 action items

  1. Target, Measure, Act - show measurable improvement in food waste
  2. Food Waste Education - educate your staff about the 'why' of food waste prevention and how to keep food safe for donation
  3. Improve Menu Design - minimize the range of ingredients used to maximize cross-utilization
  4. Evidence of Locally Sourced Food
  5. Increasing the Amount of Portion Choices - offer split plates; offering sides or half portion sizes 
  6. Platter Reduction - for buffet restaurants; reduce your plate or bowl size as well as eliminate tray-dining
  7. Demonstrate Menu Changes Based on What Needs to be Used Up
  8. Edible Food Waste Donated via Waste Less Solutions
  9. Inedible Food Waste Going to Wasatch Resource Recovery
  10. On-Site Processing - participating in on-site composting

Benefits of Signing Up

  • Your business listed on our website
  • A Waste Less Certified window decal 
  • Your restaurant featured in our "restaurant week" event encouraging customers to visit you
  • Possible additional promotions to encourage dining at your establishment 

Get Started



This program is powered by the generosity of Sorenson Legacy Foundation.