We have enough surplus produce in our backyards to provide the USDA daily requirement of fruits and vegetables to everyone in need.

The GardenShare program helps local neighborhood gardeners growing produce in their backyards to donate their surplus homegrown vegetables and fruit to be shared with local receiving agencies that will turn the surplus into healthy meals for the food insecure.

How to Get Involved: Gardener or Collection Site


Don't know what to do with all the extra zucchini and tomatoes in your garden? Take your surplus vegetables and fruit to your closest volunteer collection home or business. Collection sites are designated by a visible collection sign and cooler/crate. 

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Food rescue volunteers then pick up the surplus produce and deliver the produce to direct distribution organizations. Our community partners are able to distribute the fresh, free produce to their food insecure population without tapping already overstretched budgets. These organizations include: local schools, Boys and Girls Clubs, emergency pantries, soup kitchens, refugee centers, subsidized housing complexes, and many Utah Food Bank partners.

Tips for Gardeners

  • Consider planting an additional plant, pot, or row for hunger relief
  • Harvest your surplus in peak condition with 3-5 days of life remaining

Collection Site

If you would like to volunteer your home or business as a collection site here's how it works:

  • We will provide you with a yard sign and a cooler to be able to accept produce donations from local gardeners.Let your neighbors, team members, or clients know they can bring their extra produce to you.
  • Our volunteer rescuers will pick up the produce (on a schedule you decide) and all tracking is done through our FOOD RESCUE US APP. 

Become a GardenShare Collection Site